We carry a large range of products to suit your needs in any situation. We strive to meet all needs of our customers big and small. 


Trials and Plots

We work hard to provide you with relative on farm data every year so you know you are planting a proven product. We will be updating throughout harvest so you can see how different products are performing this year.


We strive to offer you the best service possible, from recommendations on seed selection to finding products in a pinch. 

Our Products:

On Farm Trials

Lancaster Seed Sales



Helpful planting guides and tips

We have put together planting guides for the products we sell. The recommendations are based on experience and research. The most potential a seed has is when its in the bag we want to help you make the best decisions when placing it.

The companies we deal with come with industry experts to help solve any problems you may have. No question is to big or small.


First of all we are still farmers, we grow many of the products we sell. Also we have seen the majority of our products in on farm trials and know they are proven.

  • Dekalb
  • Asgrow
  • Brevant 
  • Agri-Gold 
  • LSS Small Grain Lineup
  • Pine Creek Seed Co.
  • VNS Cover Crops